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New Years Resolutions

We do it every year, make those hopeful new years resolutions always reaching for the best but miserably failing within the first two weeks following the new year. But why? Do we fail to acknowledge a bigger potential, or are we merely too lazy to make a change for the better?

It is reported that millions of Americans each year make some type of new year’s resolution before the clock strikes midnight. But amidst the celebrating with close friends and family.

John M. Grohol, a psychologist holding a PhD in his field founded which examines issues with the human brain and other psychological matters. Through statistics he has found that 75% of all people make new years resolutions, but over 67% fail to follow through with such resolutions.

Other researchers Mukhopadhyay and Johar, have found that there is a correlation psychologically between instinctive human nature and how successful one is when reaching their personal desires for the new year.

The results of observational studies show that those who believe self control is dynamic and is able to change for the better often have a higher success level and make more resolutions.

Those who believe self control is per-determined or linked genetically tend to be less successful with their resolutions and usually make less resolutions numerically speaking.

Miller and Marlatt, other psychological researchers suggest that in order to be successful in following through with one’s new years resolutions they should take three simple steps.

” Have a strong initial commitment to make a change, have coping strategies to deal with problems that will come up, and keep track of your progress; the more monitoring you do and feedback you get, the better you will do.”

Franklin High School  students were interviewed on what they planned for the new year regarding personal resolutions. Many were hesitant, or had yet to think about what they wanted to do.

Joe Mammola, a junior at Franklin High had high hopes for ringing in the new year.

“My new years resolution is to play football next year.”

After missing the bulk of the season this fall due to an injury, Mammola hopes to recover fully within the upcoming months and be ready to play fully in August.

Tori Moses, an FHS senior commented on the significance on actually making a resolution at the commencement of the new year.

“I think it’s important to have [resolutions] because it gives people something to strive for.”

If one is willing to make a serious commitment to changing themselves, I encourage them to make a new years resolution to motivate oneself to reach the desired outcome. If you are unmotivated, re-evaluate yourself to see why exactly this happens, it may have a psychological connection.

Have you made a new years resolution for 2012?


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