Oh, the Memories of our Childhood T.V Shows!

Sarah Fitzgerald

Don’t you just miss being a kid? Don’t you wish you could bring it all back?  Lets go retro for a moment. Remember all your favorite shows from the 90s and early 00s?

The comedy we all grew up with is sadly in the past now and now new worthless shows have taken over. Obviously, we all think our generation of comedy is better, and it is!

Why? Because Nickelodeon is rerunning some of their old kid shows because they were such a hit. Everyone wants to relive their childhood again, and you can! For all you night owls, tune in to Teen Nick at midnight every day for a blast in the past.

Our generation of comedy will never in my mind be beat to such an incredible level. The TV shows made the 90s the best!  Here’s an insanely long list of all your favorite kid shows!

Remember this? “Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni-Ni- Nick, Nickelodeon!”

Remember Face? If not, here’s a click on the link. I am sure you will recognize him!

Click on the show to view a video of the show’s opening theme songs to get a blast of the past. After watching all of these videos started to miss my childhood even more.I grew up with these wonderful shows and I have so many memories of them still in the back of my head.

I remember waking up at 8 AM to watch “Out of the Box“. I never understood why these shows stopped airing but very few of them still do. I am 18 years old and if these shows were still airing, I would totally watch them!

If I am missing anything, comment below!

Julianne Standley says, “Oh my God, The Wild Thornberrys was my favorite show! I loved that show, I used to watch it everyday!”

Lexi Young says, “As told By Ginger was simply the best. I can’t believe they don’t have this show on anymore. It’s such a shame.”

A student at Fhs, who would like to remain anonymous, reminisced  about her childhood and said, “I really miss watching all of those shows as a kid. The animation in today’s shows just isn’t the same; They all try to be three dimentional. I miss the classic hand drawn look of 90’s cartoons.”

Don’t you wish that these shows were still on? Whatever happened to playhouse Disney? My favorite shows were: Out of the Box, Recess, Dragon Tales, Gullah Gullah Island, Doug, Power Puff Girls and Hey Arnold! Whatever happened to good comedy?

The shows these days will never beat our era of kid shows. I can perfectly remember watching all of these shows and never getting sick of them. The 90’s and early 00’s was definitely the time to have a childhood, so we should consider ourselves lucky.
 I miss these shows so much, and I have to admit I feel a little depressed seeing these new shows take over. I am guessing many of you  probably forgot about half of these shows but I hope I made your day even better by reading this!


Which show do you miss the most?

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