Student Found After 10 Long Days In The Snow

Alicia Kutil

Apparently, a person can survive on only melted snow and candy bars for 10 days. Yesterday around 11:30 am, Arizona State University student Lauren Weinberg was found alive and healthy in her Toyota Corolla on a dirt road 46 miles southeast of Winslow, Arizona.

She told officers that she had survived on 2 candy bars and snow, which she put into a water bottle and let melt in the sun before she drank it. She had no heavy coat nor a blanket in her car; temperatures reached zero degrees almost every night.

Her car was stuck in almost two feet of snow. She had no communication because her cell phone battery was dead.

Lauren was extremely lucky to come out of this situation alive and healthy, however it shows many people a lesson about survival tips for driving in the winter.

1) Always keep a blanket in your trunk in case of emergencies, it will come in handy to keep you warm

2) Keep a First Aid kit in your car in case you ever get stuck and need to treat your own injury.

3) Keep a car adapter in your car for your cell phone in case your battery dies, you have a source of power to charge it.

4) Keep a couple water bottles and a couple snacks in your car at all times. You never know when you might make a wrong turn in an area you are unfamiliar traveling in!