Do We Really Respect Our Liasions?

Jack Corsi

Your walking down the halls, you see Mrs. Gannon or Mr Ricchio, what do you do? Go back to class or run for the hills? Most students when they see our school’s liasons run for the hills. So my question here is do Franklin High School students really respect and recognize our school’s liasons as figures of authority?

In my personal opinion, students do not fully respect our liasons. We hear what they have to say to us, then once they are finished, we turn the other way and act like they had not said anything. I’m not going to lie, I have been a guilty party of this act in the past.

But thats just my opinion, I asked some of Franklin High’s own what they thought about this.

Sam Tighe, an FHS sophmore showed a differnece in opinion when asked about this. “Mrs. Gannon is a very well respected by the student body. When she stops┬ásomeone in the hall, there is always a good reason.”

While Tighe shows a great point here, there reasons we are stopped in the halls by the liasons is because we should really be in class. Not roaming the halls trying to rebel against the administration.

To get more of an inside opinion, I asked Mrs. Gannon what she really thought.

“For the most part I feel respected by the majority of the students. I try to give respect to the students and in return, I hope they respect me. I try to start fresh each day with the students.”

When I asked Gannon about if students listen to her while she is on patrol, she replied, “They usually do, not always, but for the most part, most kids listen.”

Lastly Mrs. Gannon gave me a personal opinion of our school’s hall way walkers. “I don’t look at them negatively, I think they need to get everything they can get from their time here. They may think its a hard thing to grasp, but being in a classroom should help for later on in life and time in class should be enjoyable.”

Maybe its just me, maybe I am the only one who thinks that our liasons are not fully respected.

The last thing I asked Sam Tighe was, do you think people listen to liasons, Tighe responded, “Most of the time people do listen to what they have to say, but when people don’t then they are showing no repsect.”