FHS students Make a Splash in New Hampshire

Dean Chaput

Monday, January 9, students of AP Government and Contemporary Issues classes, joined by members of members of FHS’s Teen Age Republicans Club, traveled to New Hampshire to hear Republican Candidates speak. However, at their first stop, things turned out a little different than expected.

Ron Paul was scheduled to arrive at Moe Joe’s diner to meet veterans, and the small crowd of high school students. However, a frenzy of media swarmed him as he entered, causing him to cut his visit short. The FHS students’ presence became a small story of its own, as many of the students were interviewed by media ranging from local news to Fox, even Italian and Belgian reporters.

Moving on from Moe Joe’s, one bus of students made its way to hear Rick Santorum speak to a small gathering of supporters. In a close setting, Santorum appeared personable and reliable. Although technical malfunctions proved annoying, the Pennsylvania Senator persisted, giving a long speech covering topics including Iran and offshore drilling. During his Q&A after, a few Franklin students got the opportunity to ask Santorum about his personal beliefs and intentions.

After Santorum’s event was Newt Gingrich’s, a high pointof the trip for many students. Gingrich’s event was more formal and professional than Santorum, and he spoke with determination and confidence. He touched on the issues of jobs, stem cell research, Alzheimer’s and more. After the event, a handful of students were able to get their picture taken shaking his hand, posing with him and his wife.

Mitt Romney’s rally was last on the agenda for FHS students. However, due to time constraints, they were forced to leave early, missing the majority of his speech.

Results from the New Hampshire Primary:

Mitt Romney – 39.3%

Ron Paul – 22.9%

Jon Huntsman – 16.9%

Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum – 9.4%