We Need Better Technology!

Nicole Morelli

I believe I speak for most Franklin High School students when I say that we need better WiFi and computers.

Class after class students are on the computers working on anything from class work, to projects, even homework. Many students are also accustomed to bringing their own laptop to school, but what is the point if we can’t connect to the WiFi or log onto the computers?

“WiFi Not Connected.”

We are all used to seeing this message after waiting several minutes for our laptops to connect. I think it is time for a change.

The attempts to fix the WiFi in the past were no good. We need more WiFi hot spots offered around the school so students may accomplish the work they have been assigned.

Bria Adams, a sophomore at Franklin High, spoke about her recent WiFi failure.

“We were supposed to be using the Net Books to do an in class assignment. We sat in class for almost twenty minutes waiting for the WiFi to connect,” Adam’s complained. “We annoyed our teacher so much that our he ¬†went to the library to check if we could use those computers. By the time we had logged onto the computers we had fifteen minutes to complete our assignment and our teacher was forced to push the due date.”

“Running Startup Script…”

We have the library computers along with G181, G160, and Putnam computers. The library computers can take anywhere from five to ten minutes to log on, and that is if the computer is already on. Putnam and G160 aren’t any better. And don’t even get me started on the computers in G181!

When asked about the computer problems our school faces, Jayme Ellis, a Junior at Franklin High had some stories of her own.

“My printer at home wasn’t working and I had an essay due the next day,” Ellis said. “It was too late to email a friend so I had to print it in the morning. Just waiting for [the library computers] to turn on was ridiculous. It took almost ten minutes just to start up! Then by the time I logged on I had less than ten minutes to wait in the printer line, collect my essay, and make it to class.”

WiFi makes it easy for students to not only work on their own laptops but work quickly and efficiently. Fast moving computers allow students more time to complete work. We are lucky to have the Mac computers for certain classes, but why limit them?

According to insidetheschool.com, technology knowledge is an important quality that many employers look for when hiring new workers. They look for people who could solve problems in creative ways using technology.

To properly prepare us for the future students should be provided with quality technology so they may experience the type of technology we will face in the future. Instead we have slow moving, dysfunctional computers that can barely open the internet in under five minutes. We have Net Books that don’t connect to WiFi and laptops that can never log on.

So, Franklin High School, I say it’s time to throw out those greasy grime covered keyboards and provide students with technology that can help students succeed.