Are We Picking Our Classes Too Early?

Do you think that its way too early to be picking our classes next year before we are even halfway through the year?

Okay so this year at FHS we seem to be picking our classes for the upcoming year much sooner than usual. Why is this? It must have something to do with how crazy scheduling was this past year.

So many students had to get their schedules fixed and the whole thing was just a mess!Yes some students may say that this is a good thing that we are picking our classes so early.

It most likely will help the craze before next year of students going in panic over their schedules! This being said many students feel like its way too soon to be picking our classes.

When asked about how he felt about classes being picked so early this year Zac Cybulski, a sophomore at FHS stated.

“Yeah I think we are picking them too early, I still have to figure out what classes I want to take.”

Many students have not even thought about the classes they want to take next year, let alone have to pick them now! This solution might not even fix the whole schedule craze, considering many students might end up going back and changing their classes multiple times.

Focusing mainly on the junior class now many students are worried that they wont pick the right classes they need to get into their major for college. We have not even started discussing colleges so how will students know what classes they need to take? is a great website for looking at what classes are recommended for getting into the college classes of your choice! It defiantly helps you get a closer look at what colleges look for in the students that apply!

When asked how she feels about scheduling classes so early Hanna Brown, a junior at FHS gave her input.

“Yes, its too early people are probably going to change their minds, also they didn’t give us enough notice.”

A lot of students at FHS didn’t have much time to even think about which classes they wanted to talk. We should have been given a longer time period to actually sit down and think about the classes that we really need to take.

So Franklin High School do you think that its honestly better to pick our classes mid-year or should we have waited until the end like previous years?