Cruise Ship Off Coast Of Italy Sinks

Corey Flynn

On Tuesday a Carnival Corporation Cruise ship carrying over 3,000 people off the coast of Italy hit a reef and overturned in the water, at least 11 people are dead and over 20 are still missing.

The search for the missing people has been called off because the ship has slightly shifted in the water.

The blame for the boat sinking is human error by the ship’s Captain Francesco Schettino who came too close to the shore line and hit a reef tearing a major gash in the bottom of the boat.

Schettino abandoned the ship when there were people still on board and refused to get back on board when he was given a direct order from Coast Guard Captain Gregory De Falco to get back on board. Schettino claimed it was too dark on the boat to get back on.

Schettino is now under arrest and may face charges of manslaughter, abandoning ship and causing a shipwreck. Before he was jailed he claimed that he had stayed on the ship until his very end.

He claimed that his actions were justified in the time of the ship sinking.  I honestly do not blame him for abandoning ship because when the ship is sinking and there is total chaos I wouldn’t be waiting for the captain’s instructions anyway.

He should still be jailed for this actions thought because as the Captain of a ship it’s his job to stay with the boat and wait for everyone to get off before you do. If you’re not going to do your job then you should be reprimanded, especially when it was your fault the ship sank in the first place and people lost their lives.