College Majors To Avoid

Karley Newton

As Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen all prepare to pick their classes for next year, the big question is “what courses should I choose to go along with my college major?”  That’s why the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ released their 2012 Job Outlook study which surveyed employers, and asked about the degrees their future employees will need to be successful.

Topping the list were business, accounting and computer science majors, followed by any information science major. These majors are specific enough to work with any business, but not limiting like other majors that were last on the list.

Since the courses people pick in high school often determine the direction they take in college, the list also included the least “hirteable” majors. The top five majors to avoid are as followed:

  • Agriculture

This degree is mainly for people who want to work with crops, plant disease, and basic animal veternary skills. However, Laurence Shatkinauthor of “The 10 Best College Majors for Your Personality” weighs the few pros, and major cons of the degree.

“It’s true that farms are becoming more efficient now and so there is less of a need for farm managers,” he says. That means less jobs. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor projects 64,000 fewer jobs in this field over the next seven years.”

  • Fashion Design

This degree is used for fashion design, tailoring, sewing, and pattern making. Although this seems to be a glamorous and high paying job, it’s incredibly competitive and offers far less oppurtunities than it’s worth.

  • Theater

The theater major teaches acting, playwriting, communications, and directing. This job too seems glamorous, and has potential for great success, actors often go through long period without work, if they even gain recodnition at all. If you want a steady income with security, choosing this major would not be very wise.

  • Animal Science

Animal breeding, reproductive physiology, and nutrition are the main points of study for this major. This job doesn’t seem so far fetched at first, but fewer than 5,000 animal scientist jobs are projected to exist in the field by 2018. This means that after spending money on veternary school on top of this degree, it would be a stroke of luck to even get a job. The degree is also so specific that trying to apply it to any other feild is nearly impossible.

  • Horticulture

Rounding out the list is horticulture, which teaches crops, plant diseases, and agricultural business and economics. This job is better than an argriculture major, but the job market for this feild is not growing at all. With some luck the degree could be applied to other businesses, but not easily.

One of these careers may be for you, and not all of the projected job oppurtunities may come true, so don’t base your future solely on least populr majors. However, if your plan is to become the next Adele or Rupert Grint, I might take a college major into consideration.