Gary Johnson: The Most Capable Man for President

Sean McKeown

Who is Gary Johnson?

Well like his campaign ad says, we shouldn’t elect a person who looks like president but rather a person who actually could run the country. The Governor doesn’t have the chin like Romney, the hair like Perry, or the beltway of Gingrich but he is definitely the most capable of all of them.

As the former Governor of New Mexico, Johnson was known as the “most fiscally conservative Governor” in the country. Johnson took a strictly business approach to government with a cost-benefit analysis to everything. He had a record of over 750 vetoes, which was more than all the other 49 Governors COMBINED!

When Johnson left office due to term limits, New Mexico was one of four states to have a balanced budget. They actually had a budget SURPLUS!

Talk about job creation… During his terms, more jobs were created than any of other presidential candidate. He did this by keeping a balanced budget and limiting the amount of regulatory obstacles.

The National Review Online says, “Governor Johnson has the best record of the official candidates, with a job growth rate of 11.6% during his tenure.”

Yet, Johnson is too humble to admit that.

“I created thousands of jobs as a businessman, but not a single job as governor. Government doesn’t create jobs.”

He promises to submit a balanced budget for the year 2013 if he is elected. This would mean cuts of 43%.

For education, Johnson is a supporter of School Choice. He believes that getting the Federal Government out of education will allow for teachers, parents and local representatives to choose where the funds are put and improve student performance.

Does he sound too conservative to you?

Governor Johnson is a Libertarian; he believes that the government shouldn’t be involved in our personal lives. He’s more socially liberal than President Obama. Johnson believes in legalizing pot to end the failed drug war. He agrees with gay marriage and pro-choice. Though he says those are issues for the states.

Johnson is a down-to-earth human-being; he cares about the little people that help his campaign. He frequently hosts online town hall meetings in which anybody can ask him about any topic. Even I was able to speak to the former two-term Governor.

The Governor was originally seeking the GOP nomination but felt like he wasn’t getting the attention he deserved. He was ahead in the polls of guys like Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, and Jon Huntsman yet they were chosen to be invited into all the debates. The one highly publicized debate that Johnson was invited to; he had the line of the night, but still wasn’t allowed to debate after.

He told me, “Seeking the Libertarian nomination for president is about wanting to keep this message alive.”

The big media networks that censored him from the debates weren’t doing it because he doesn’t have a chance at being elected. Johnson was elected in a state that was TWO TO ONE democrat as a REPUBLICAN! The networks censored him and gave heavy attention to specific individuals because of an agenda.

He says he was a Libertarian in everything but the name when he governed New Mexico.

When I asked him about if he would consider running in 2016, he said, “I would have no intention of moving foreword to 2016, given the exclusion that I have had to this point. But maybe changing to the Libertarian Party changes that.”

Who would you rather have as President?


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