We Are Still At War.

The September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks marked the beginning of trying period for America, but it seems as though many Americans have forgotten the severity of the situation our country is facing. America is at war.

America invaded Afghanistan on October 7th 2001 under Command of President George W Bush. This marked the beginning of an ongoing struggle between America and the Middle East. The conflict continued when America invaded Iraq on March 20th 2003, the war continues in Afghanistan thus far.

President Obama recently “ended the war” in Iraq which has lulled Americans into a false sense of security. Though throughout the Entire Middle Eastern War America had consistently embodied an extremely lackadaisical attitude towards the conflict. It seems as though the war is almost ignored because it isn’t happening in our own back yard, when many citizens don’t realize that the war affects people all around them.


The estimated amount of total deployed American soldiers since 2001 is 2,000,000 according to the Marine Corps Magazine Approximately 2,358 soldiers have died in Afghanistan, as well as 1,983 in Iraq. For every soldier gone there is a family left behind.

Though the war seems partially ignored, members of the U.S military are reminded daily of the situation at hand.

Private first class Serena Sullivan, and former Franklin High School student said:

“I’ve had battle buddies leave for deployments left and right recently. I’m being shipped to Afghanistan in 2013. This war isn’t over, we’re in it.. believe me we’re in it”

US Army officer CW4 Joseph Le Blanc reveals his opinion on the war.

“I’ve been active duty in the US Army for the past 26 years, I am a proud pilot, as well as a proud husband and father. As much as I love my job, and my country, there are obvious cons of being a soldier. Recently I received a letter confirming my deployment for March of 2013 to Afghanistan. Thus missing major milestones in my three children’s lives including my eldest daughter’s high school graduation. America is at war, families are still losing sons, and daughters, and mothers, and fathers. I wish it wasn’t ignored as much as it is.”

The war in the Middle East may seem more subtle than it actually is, but in reality you are much closer to a soldier or a soldier’s family member than you may believe. And believe me they are affected by the war.

Americans can get involved in the fight in their own way, many soldiers are in need of old cell phones and basic utilities like tooth brushes, shampoo, razors, etc.

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