New School Rule for Student Flyers Requiring too Much?


Junior, Kathia Reyes was dumbfounded as she discovered a stamped date on one of the school’s flyers.

Sarah Chandler

Back in November random spots in the two main halls of Franklin High were painted blue as part of the administration’s new system that not only strips a student’s ability to post his or her flyers anywhere they deem appropriate but also requires the student to have their flyer pre-approved by Principal Light and receive a dated stamp that will serve as the flyer’s expiration date.

The administration made the point that this system was put in place to create a reliable source for students to get up to date information on school happenings.

Kathia Reyes is a junior at Franklin High who feels strongly about the new policy.

“If they don’t like something they get the final choice, and that just restricts our freedom of speech” Reyes said.

Going on later, Reyes  makes the point that this is a public school and should not be treated with all the strict rulings of a private school.

Is the policy for the better or for the worse? Post your thoughts below.