Absorbed or not?

Cory LeBlanc

Recently I was presented with the question, “is the current generation learning less because of technology?” My initial reaction, as I’m sure yours was as well, was how could I possibly be learning less with all the information around me laying right at my fingertips. Before I could think further about the question, I felt the familiar buzz of my IPhone against my leg and completely forgot what I was doing—oops.

I suppose that’s when I realized what these “crazy” people may be referring to.

As teenagers we work, play sports, go to school, aspire for a future, hang out with our friends, and try to conform to an ever changing society all while trying to please our bosses, our friends, our teachers, parents, ourselves.

I think we all need to answer the question at hand for ourselves, Are we learning less because of all the technology in our lives? Personally, I feel as though some of us use technology to further ourselves by paying attention to current events and using our Smart Phones to actually be a little more smart.

Some of us use technology to escape. Why stand-alone in the real world when you could battle along side your buddies playing Xbox.

And finally I think some teenagers use Twitter and Facebook to keep up with everything going on. Some teenagers will miss Joey D’s big party because they have to work. So Monday morning they can check their Facebook and instantly be up to date on who was there and so and so forth.

I truly believe as young individuals it is imperative to our survival to figure out if we control our lives or if our smart phone does.