Queen B’s Fight to Change for a Chance

Queen Bs Fight to Change for a Chance

Butahe at a rehearsal for her presentation happening this week.

Jeffrey Roy

“I have a job to do. And that job is to help. Help the friends that I left behind in Tanzania” says Queen Butahe, the hardworking force behind Franklin High School’s Change for a Chance club.

The goal of this remarkable organization – which also serves with the Newton Tanzanian Collaborative (NTC) – is to improve the educational prospects of Tanzanian students. They plan to accomplish this goal by raising funds and awareness to build a library in Kwala, Tanzania.

On April 11, Butahe will present to Franklin High students her days growing up in Tanzania. Hers is a moving and candid story about what life was like for the now vivacious human being we all know as “Queenie.” It will most definitely show everyone that where one has been does not determine where one is heading.

Butahe says, “Some students in America do not realize how fortunate they are. They have the power to do something. To make the world better.

Now here is your chance. Save your money to go see the most anticipated Mr. Franklin show. This is a first for Franklin High; a fashion and talent show featuring Franklin High’s finest gentlemen. They will be in formalwear and the audience will be in nirvana. The cost to get in is $10.00.

“I really hope that this event will bring our community together for a night of fun, but also for the benefit of Tanzanian students” says Butahe.

Butahe and the rest of Change for a Chance will also be selling bracelets for $2.00 a piece. Also, they will give students the opportunity to decorate a fabric square to be sewn onto a quilt in Tanzania – this is also $2.00.

If you think you have it in you to change a person’s life then join Queen in her quest to build a better future for all.

        “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

                                                                                                                 – Vincent Van Gogh