Scott Brown Looks to Keep His Seat in 2012 Election

Theron Savery

Scott Brown won an election that many people beleived impossible. He participated in the 2010 special election in Massachusetts, which followed the death of previous senator Ted Kennedy, who held that position for almost 47 years. In the election, he beat Massachusetts Attorney General, Martha Coakley in a close, hard fought election. A Republican has not been elected to the position of Massachusetts senator since John Kerry’s predecessor Edward Brooke.

In the upcoming November 2012 elections, Brown hopes to defeat his recently nominated democratic opponent, Elizabteh Warren. Warren faces the trouble of fighting against Brown after the failure of Martha Coakley’s campaign in 2010. Warren has been officially endorsed by President Barack Obama.

Warren also has another issue to contend with. Scott Brown, intelligently, has called out Warren on the fact that she has claimed to be 1/32 Cherokee Indian with no official proof. He has accused her of using this unproven fact to get ahead in law school, accusing her of cheating the system.

Scott Brown is for both abortion and stem cell research. Also, like most republicans, he wishes to cut government spending and keep taxes low. He also believes that marriage is defined as between a man and a woman, but is not against civil unions between homosexuals. Unlike many republicans, he is a strong advocate for conserving the environment and protecting our natural resources.

I believe that Scott Brown has a fighting chance against Warren. He comes from a strong position of already holding the seat for 2 years. It is not very often that a republican is elected to officei n Massachusetts, and this gives him a strong position in debates. He also has Warren on the run with her Cherokee Indian crisis. Overall, I believe that Scott Brown is the stronger candidate for securing the Massachusetts Senate seat.