Making the Digital Switch

Making the Digital Switch

 This year, teachers have been encouraged to use the Internet in and out of school, and students are noticing the change.

For the first time, students were not sent a schedule through the mail this summer, but instead received a packet on how to find the schedules and all other documents they needed online. This major change marked the first step of Franklin High’s online switch.

While some teachers still struggle use Aspen to do attendance and post grades, most are now using It’s Learning to post homework and other assignments. Students can no longer say that they forgot the homework because it is now online. Now, to save money and paper, most textbooks are only online and students are use a class set when in school.

 “I like how now everything is readably accessible” says Mike Labine, a Franklin High Junior. “It’s good to not have to carry all my books around” But not everyone agrees.

 “ I don’t want to have to go home and print out papers” Junior Olivia Stoddard, complained “what if I forget to do it? I just wanted to be handed a paper and then hand it back in” Many students seem to have the same problem.

 “I can get away with less and less stuff” says freshmen Dan McDonald. Teachers are no longer taking the ‘I forgot’ excuse. But, on the other hand, if a student really does forget the assignment, he or she can just look it up online.

 There are still hiccups when dealing with technology; a computer or printer may break, usernames and passwords are forgotten, and flash drives get lost. There are so many unforeseen problems at home that can lead to grades dropping in school.

 But sometimes the technical difficulties are on the teachers side. For the past two years schedules have been wrong and teachers are still getting use to Aspen. Plus, many students were left frustrated when the library would not check out net books for the first week of school.

 Whether you like it or not, the Franklin High is finally starting to embrace the internet.