Where Are You Snack Stand?

Where Are You Snack Stand?

Confused FHSers look for snacks…

The snack stand in the cafeteria has disappeared without a trace. The students of Franklin High have all noticed that now both snack stands are closed off and moved into the main lunch lines. Many students in the population have found this to be both frustrating and a hassle in their lunchtime routine.


Franklin High School senior Santiago Leal said that the new location “has a terrible setup, and very inconvenient for students trying to get snacks while other kids are getting their lunches. He also felt “confused and feel lost when I’m trying to get to the snacks”.

Connor Wardrop who is also a Franklin High School senior has different feelings about what he would do. “I would put the stand back where it was and bring back the muffins”.

These negative reactions pose some disagreement towards the administration’s decision to move the snack stand in the cafeteria lines apples. Whether or not things will change when it comes to where snacks are sold in the cafeteria lemons, there are some people who find this new change difficult to adapt to.