Senior Superlatives Shenanigans


Class clown? You decide?

Kaitlin Copponi, Boss

From the start of freshman year at Franklin High School up until senior year kids are thinking about their senior superlatives. Who’s going to get this and who’s going to get that? Who’s car is the coolest and who is the cutest couple? Wait they just broke up…I guess not them anymore.

Nowadays the students literally campaign themselves for the superlatives, they ask for votes, when really it is just supposed to be who comes to mind for the person making the vote. Not only does this problem come to mind but also kids hear who their friends are voting for and then just go along with them. They add another vote to that person, they might not even knows name, who probably doesn’t even deserve the vote.

Some of the superlatives on this years list were considered “dumb” to me and other FHS students. “Best dimples” and “best nickname” are two of the new superlatives. Best dimples, in my opinion and many other peoples is just weird, you either have dimples or not, its not like they are good or bad, you got ’em or you don’t. Also the nickname superlative, isn’t really a good choice either. Everyone has different nicknames and usually they are pretty self explanatory.

A couple other new superlatives are ones that are more 2012 because of the way our students are today.  “Funniest tweets” was not a superlative 10 years ago because twitter wasn’t even invented. But now this superlative makes perfect sense because that’s what we kids do in our free time, tweet. “Most swag” also would not have been thought of a few years ago, because this is a recent word that kids say now. Swag is something you cant explain, we just know what it is.

“I think only popular people will prevail and they are ridiculous,” Taylor McCue, senior at FHS, said about superlatives.

“I think people take it more as a joke now and I wished they didn’t because they are supposed to be fun!” Angela Trafecdanty,  senior at FHS, said about superlatives.

Wrapping up the subject, in my opinion superlative choices need to be rethought and the thought put in by the voters needs to be taken more personally and seriously. After all its senior year, lets remember it the way it should be remembered.

what superlatives should be on the ballot?


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