Homecoming Arrives with New Additions

Jonathan Geromini, writer

This year at Franklin High School the Homecoming festivities will arrive with new and different events. Student Government has thought of new ideas to add to the already special weekend.

The headline addition of the weekend comes on October 19th, the night of the Homecoming football game,where at halftime of the game there will be parade to celebrate each grade and each fall sport at Franklin High School.

To celebrate the school each grade and every fall sport will be asked to create a float to the best of their abilities and that represent them in the best way.

During the parade each grade and fall sport will walk around the track and show off their float design and their school pride to the crowd.

“Were trying to do it really big this year” class representative Zak Borrelli says “We are trying to celebrate each grade as well as each fall sport so were hoping that they all can put together really good floats and show them off to the school.”

After the Homecoming game and the festivities that go along with it, the school will have the annual homecoming dance on Saturday October 20th at 7:oopm.

“I think that additions will help for years to come Borrelli says “we’re hoping that everyone will appreciate school spirit more and get a little more pumped and excited about Homecoming.”

The additions of Homecoming should be very interesting to see this year and should be a fixture for years to come.

Homecoming Football Game: Friday October 19th 7:00pm.

Homecoming Dance: Saturday October 20th, 7:00pm.

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