Harlem Wizards Coming To Town To Face Teachers

Harlem Wizards Coming To Town To Face Teachers

Tricks Hoops and Oops come to Franklin as the Wizards play the teachers.

Thomas Corsi, Writer

On October 21st , in the field house, The Harlem Wizards will face off against our furious Franklin Panther teachers in a charitable basketball game to raise money for the Santa Foundation and Light up a Life.

Tickets will be on sale during all four lunches starting Thursday October 4th, and will be $10 for students and $12 for general admission with all proceeds going to these charities.

The Harlem Wizards are a basketball team that is not primarily focused winning but to entertain the crowd. Founded in 1962, these performers use dunks and alley oops to entertain all while also getting the crowd involved.

Teachers from all schools look to defeat the Wizards, who hold the longest winning in all of professional sports. High School teachers like Mr. Riccio, Mr. Schmidt, Mr. MacCreery, and Mrs. Kayan. While other fan favorites like Mr. Pasquarosa, Rich Grover, Jim Edgehill and Mr. Masto are also playing.

The Santa Foundation was established 26 years ago to fulfill one goal. That goal was to provide gifts for families in need at Christmas time. They deliver the gifts to the recipients so that they can maintain their dignity and anonymity.

Light up a Life is a charity that provides gifts, housing, heat and much more to families in need during the holiday season with the money.

“I decided to do a Wizards game because I was tired of the conventional fundraisers and knew this would be a blast,” said Peer Leader coordinator and senior Nick Montanaro when asked why he decided to invite the Wizards to Franklin High.

“The Santa Foundation is the charity that helps us run our fundraiser. The Peer Leaders who collect the money and buy gifts do not actually meet the families in need. We bring all the gifts/money to the Santa Foundation who is in charge of delivery,” said Montanaro.

The Wizards vs. Panthers could raise a lot of money and help of a lot of people in need this holiday season.

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