FHS Goes “Live!”

FHS Goes Live!

The televsions inside FHS will have a lot of activity in the near future

Jonathan Geromini, Writer

In the last few years FHS has made the switch to digital processing and digital learning, and soon the school will make an even bigger jump by applying a full student broadcasting station inside the building.

With Franklin High School switching to digital learning sights like aspen and itslearning and making that the resource of their curriculum this move is not so surprising.

Teachers and advisors for Pantherbook are looking to set up the broadcasting station and flow the stream through the televisions in the Front Entrance, the Field House Lobby, the Weight Room and the Cafeteria. The broadcasting station will provide students who are interested to host talk shows, cover news and sports, talk about upcoming events and whatever they are interested in.

“Our goal is to give students an outlet through the televisions and the web to talk about anything Franklin related.” FHS video teacher Mr. Bailey said “we feel like we lack a television outlet through the school  and our goal is to build up a program to create that in this school and the new school.”

The television network should be a fixture when the new Franklin High School opens and should attrach a lot of new students as the future program builds up and gains steam and popularity.

The broadcasting program just like Pantherbook is for students, by students and when the station goes live students will be called upon for different tasks, jobs and duties.

“We need as many people as we possibly can.” Mr.Bailey said. We will need people on cameras, doing editing, covering games and being on the show. I think that if we can get the necessary amount of people we can put up a great product for the school to see and enjoy.”

This new program shows that schools especially in Franklin are becoming more digital then ever. This program should be very interesting to see in the coming years and see how much popularity it gains. This fixture should draw a lot of students in and should become a big commodity in the future.

Do you think the student broacasting station is a good idea?


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