It’s Learning….?

Andrew Sergi

Shortly after the 2010 school year ended at FHS, the school acquired a student course management system fondly called Its Learning. The Its Learning website was created for students and teachers to check assignments, upload documents, and complete on line activities. Although the site offers many features, some students and faculty find it troublesome, and somewhat confusing.

“It has its uses, but it takes away the student teacher relationship…Engineering of the website is disorganized and hard to find things” Said anatomy teacher Mr. Enos

I’m not saying that I vehemently hate it, I just think it should be re-organized so it’s easier to access information. If the website is clearer to understand students and faculty won’t have to worry about missed communication between each other.

“I feel that more teachers should be using it. I think its pretty helpful and easy to use, but it should easier to communicate with teachers through the website” Senior Gene Grella said.

Most students and faculty in the school are content with It’s Learning and how its ran, but I feel its not quite there yet. The website still needs to be tweaked when it comes to the format of the actual pages themselves.

“I like it because it outlines the whole week for me so I know whats due on each date…Some teachers can actually sync the assignment due dates to your smart phone and will send you an alert when something needs to be turned in” Said FHS senior Coryrose LeBlanc.

“Too many Norwegians”. History teacher Mr. McCarthy said. He went on to say “I think is a nice compliment, but I wish it had a spell check. Other than that it’s a great tool for students and teachers to communicate”.

The overall rating of It’s Learning is generally very good, but myself and others feel that it does require a few slight changes and alterations. Though It’s Learning was made for the purpose for helping students and teachers manage their courses, its not quite perfect yet.

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