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Thomas Corsi, Writer

Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshman get your yearbooks now by logging on yearbookforever.com for $70 before December 1st. Yearbooks relive your year of all the activities, events, and times you spent with your friends throughout the year.

This is the first year you can buy yearbooks online. This is a faster way as all you have to do is follow the instructions on the website. Buying the yearbook is as simple as your name, grade, and homeroom number.

“Buying a yearbook online is more convenient for some people. By having the order online you do not have to seek time out of your day to bring a form to Mrs. Arena’s room” said Senior and member of yearbook committee Angie Stoddard.

A yearbook is a book to record, highlight, and commemorate the past year of a school. Pictures of prom, banquets, sporting events, clubs, and just fun times here at Franklin High are all remembered by this book.

If you’re a senior, this is one way to remember your final year at Franklin High with many people you may never see again. In years to come, don’t you want to look back and see what you wrote in your senior bio and see what has changed or who your still friends with.

“This years yearbook is focusing on more things that most people want to see” said Stoddard.

“There are more “fun Pages” and we have gotten more creative with the layout and less uniform to fit the typical yearbook style” said Stoddard.

The Video above gives you a look at some of the pages in last years addition.

Come one come all and buy your yearbook TODAY!!!

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