Panther Pride Night Returns to FHS

Panther Pride Night Returns to FHS

Franklin High School Pep Band Performing at Last Year’s Panther Pride Night.

Jonathan Geromini, Writer

On Wednesday, October 24th at 5:30pm Franklin High School will host its annual Panther Pride Night. A once a year Campus visit and an introduction to the school and what it has to offer to the incoming Freshmen class.

During the event, incoming Freshman will experience  tours of the classrooms, hallways and offices of the school. They will be introduced to all the clubs, activities and sports offered to them in their time in high school. And they will watch a presentation about the school and get to meet some of the administrators.

“I think it is a great event” Franklin High School junior Corey Arena says “When I was an incoming freshman it really helped me with getting to know where everything was in the school and it really gave me a good idea of how I could get involved with clubs and activities which made for an easy transition into high school.”

With Homecoming, class elections and sports seasons going on, Panther Pride Night has been lost in the shuffle. An underrated event that goes a long way in helping the incoming Freshman have an easier transition into their first year of high school life. And if that is not enough it is the school’s one night to be shown off to the public and it is their one night to shine under the lights for everyone to see which is becoming more and more important as the building will be knocked down in two years.

And if you think that Panther Pride Night is just a Freshmen event, think again. Panther Pride Night is a chance for students to show off to everyone what they do for sports and extracurricular activities. It is a chance for students to show off their personalities and spirits to the whole school and show who they really are.

“It is a really enjoyable experience”Arena Says” I would suggest it to any incoming Freshman who would like to find their way around the school and get to know more about the school and it has to offer.”

Panther Pride Night is a great and helpful event for younger kids and incoming high school students and for one night the event brings the whole school together.

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