The Scoop With Lunch Tables: High School vs. Middle

Sarah Sharpe

It’s interesting when in Middle School, if you sat with the “wrong” kind of people it would’ve raised eyebrows that clearly said, “why are you sitting here when you belong……there? You’d think in High School we’d get over that , but do we really?

In no offense at all, it raises eyebrows of my own that better say, “Are we serious?”.

We grow up on morals like how we should respect one another, and treat each other like how we’d like to be treated, but how were we supposed to do that back then when we got embarrassed if someone yelled, “HEY WAIT UP!” in the hallways, or came to sit with us at lunch? It was always that we’d oblige, but did it really make a difference?

I have to admit those Middle School days seemed pretty brutal compared to lunches in Franklin High.

I took it upon myself to interview some of the student body, and I began with the Freshmen. I couldn’t help but notice that these girls used to sit in completely different boarders of the cafeteria, but were now joined together as a group of their own.

This reminded me of how in Middle School, kids tend to pick a group and stick with them for the whole year, and I guess this is where it all begins.

“You never left your group for the whole three years”, said one of the girls who pointed out the possible reason for questioning one’s decision to switch tables, “where in High School you have different lunches without your friends, so you sit with different [people]”.

Score one for Franklin High’s lunch system because she spoke the truth. Because we have lunch during different periods, it allows us to expand ourselves and try new groups that in Middle School we’d have been too afraid to join, or for goodness sake, just sit down and enjoy our lunch.