Senioritis strikes again.


The term “senioritis” is known all around the United States. It describes the lack of motivation towards school work, usually when you’re nearing the end of your high school careers, but that is not always the case.

Are you experiencing a lack of motivation for your school work? Maybe you’re experiencing a case of senioritis.

“I already have senioritis so bad, I don’t do any of my work” Says FHS senior Tara Grady.

The word senioritis comes from senior and plus the suffix -itis, which refers to an illness. People around the world suffer from this “illness” every day, and sometimes it’s not even seniors who suffer from it.

“I already have senioritis and I’m not even a senior yet” said FHS junior, Kelsey Porter.

Just because it has the word senior in it, doesn’t mean that it only happens during senior year. It can actually start at any time during your 4 years in high school.

“YES.” senior Angie Stoddard said repeatedly when asked if she has senioritis yet. “Ive had it since last year. I’m done with school” Stoddard said.

Are you unsure if you are experiencing senioritis yet?

Some of the symptoms are:

  • Extreme laziness
  • Not doing any work whatsoever
  • Lack of motivation
  • Skipping class a lot
  • Having a generally careless attitude
  • Being late for school/class more often and not caring
  • Extreme procrastination
  • An over-excessive wearing of yoga pants, sweatpants, sweatshirts, etc.

If you have one of more of these symptoms, you may have a small case of senioritis. You may also have a lot of these symptoms already, even if you’re a freshman.

“Heck yeah I already have senioritis! I’ve had it since freshman year!” Said FHS senior Kathryn Mason.

I personally have had senioritis since the middle of sophomore year, and it just got worse as school went on. I don’t think I’ve been in school for a full week yet this year.

If you have senioritis, you often will always be looking forward to the next day off or half day. Some people are already counting down the days until graduation.

I’ve seen many people who seem to be getting in, in all grades. A lot of people are already starting to complain about not wanting to be in school.

Senioritis makes you believe that your “seniority” allows you to do anything you want in school. It makes you believe that you can go before everyone else because you’re older. It generally makes the underclassmen scared of you.

It also can make you start to resent taking all those hard classes to impress your favorite college.

“I haven’t gotten senioritis yet, because I haven’t gotten into college yet” Senior Zoher Ghadyali said.

Most cases of senioritis tend to start after college applications and mid-year reports have been sent in.

“Until I get my acceptance letter, I’ll be working hard, and most likely after the half-year point I’ll start slacking off and start to just enjoy the rest of the year.” Senior Sarah Chandler said.

Or once you get spring fever, senioritis tends to hit pretty hard for everyone, even the underclassmen and the teachers. The nice spring weather makes people want to be outside anyway, but for people with senioritis it sometimes makes it painful for them to be in school.

If you have a worse case of senioritis, it’ll make it difficult for you to focus on your school work, and it may even make your grades drop.

“I already have senioritis so bad, I don’t do anything anymore, and I don’t plan on doing anything for the rest of the year. I shouldn’t have to.” Said fhs senior Cory Murphy.

In some cases of senioritis, you will get annoyed with the underclassmen, with your teachers, and with the rules of the school, and that may make you have a bad attitude and you’ll want even more to just be out of school already.

The only known cure for this “illness” is the wonderful event known as graduation.

Are you experiencing senioritis yet?


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