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The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


The School Newspaper of Franklin High School



As most of you now know, the construction of the new school has begun. With the construction taking place, they are trying to make the area safer for students and teachers, so they put up a fence all around the construction area.

This fence goes from the path outside of K wing all the way over to the access road that connected one of our student parking lots to the Horace Mann parking lot. With the fence going all the way into the wooded areas on both ends, it makes it impossible to get by.

So in order to get to the football field or over to Horace Mann, you have to go all the way out to the road and around. It has become quiet an annoyance for many people.

After a long day of school, all I want to do is get home. If for some reason I have to walk home, I have to go all the way around to get over towards the elementary school. And for some of us lazy high schoolers, that’s just not a fun time.

Sometimes it’s not even the fact that we’re being lazy, it’s just annoying that we can’t just cut through the area, they couldn’t leave us just a little walking trail.

I’ve seen many tweets about how annoying people think the fence is, and how it’s causing a lot of problems. One of the tweets I’d seen was “that fence is in my way. its one of the most annoying things in my life right now. #constructionproblems”

This fence also is a big annoyance for the child development 2 students who get to go over to oak street elementary school every year and teach lessons of nutrition to the younger students. It cuts into their teaching time.

“In order to get over to oak street to get our lessons done we have to walk very fast to get over there in time so we have enough time to do our lessons to the students” said FHS child development teacher Ms Connolly, “it takes about 15 minutes away from out teaching time over there, so now we have to modify our lessons”

And being one of those child development 2 students myself, I found it annoying to have to cut parts out of my lesson to be able to teach it quicker so we’d have enough time to get back to the high school.

I’ve also noticed, that the access road is being used to just park the construction worker’s cars. So that makes me even more angry about this situation.

They should just move the fence to where it was before, along the side of the access road, so that way we can still get by on that road, and the construction workers can just park all of their cars on the side of the access road.

“I dont like having to walk all the way around, this is dumb. If that fence wasn’t there, we’d already be over at the feild.” FHS senior Angela Longo said to a fellow powderpuff player on their walk over to the football feild.

Students have to leave earlier for school because this fence is causing a lot of traffic, and it also made it so there are less parking spaces in the student section.

As a teenager, I value my sleep. The fact that I have to wake up even 5 minutes earlier to go to school, makes me very unhappy. Also, being a senior makes it that much harder to wake up for school in the first place.

The reason for the traffic is because now there are 2 less entrance ways to the school parking lots, you cant go around near the field house, and you also cant go through the access road. So there are a lot more people going in to the parking lots from the same entrances.

This fence also causes problems for people who have to drop off and pick up their younger siblings from the middle school, now instead of using the access road you have to sit in the traffic just to go right next door.

I personally don’t have to deal with that, but I know a lot of people who do have to go pick up their siblings, or they have to wait for their parents to come get them after picking up their siblings, and they sometimes have to wait 20 minutes before their parents can make it over to the high school.

“I think the fence is so annoying, I have to wait so long for my mom to come from the middle school to pick me up.” FHS junior Kelsey Porter said, “And I hate having to wake up earlier to get to school”.

As a senior at franklin high, I find it annoying that we have to deal with all of this frustration from the construction, because we won’t even benefit from this at all. Neither will the juniors or the sophomores.

If they are on track with the construction and get it done by the time they plan, the only people who are currently in this school who will even benefit from all of this frustration will be the freshman. But that is only if the construction workers are getting the job done on time.

How do you feel about this fence being put up?


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