Ski Club and Sports: Can We Follow Our Interests?

Thomas Cerier

Two of my interests diverged in my high school career, and I was forced to drop one. Being in high school, we all have different hopes, interests, hobbies, and sports. This winter, students playing a winter sport will NOT BE ALLOWED to participate in Ski Club. Last year, I had participated in both winter track, as well as ski club. Track is an extremely important sport to me right now, and I would not miss a season for anything! However, I also enjoy snowboarding. With my interests divided, I am being FORCED to choose between one of them.

Is it truly fair, that we are not allowed to follow multiple interests? Think to yourself: do you have two interests? What if someone told YOU that you are no longer allowed to follow one of your interests?

Below is a link to an online petition. Together, we can have a greater voice, and change this unfair policy. Let your voice be heard!

Change The Policy!

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