Ski Club and Sports: Can We Follow Our Interests?

Ski Club and Sports: Can We Follow Our Interests?

Please sign our online petition to allow athletes to take part in Ski Club

Thomas Cerier

Two of my interests diverged in my high school career, and I was forced to drop one. Being in high school, we all have different hopes, interests, hobbies, and sports. This winter, students playing a winter sport will NOT BE ALLOWED to participate in Ski Club. Last year, I had participated in both winter track, as well as ski club. Track is an extremely important sport to me right now, and I would not miss a season for anything! However, I also enjoy snowboarding. With my interests divided, I am being FORCED to choose between one of them.

Is it truly fair, that we are not allowed to follow multiple interests? Think to yourself: do you have two interests? What if someone told YOU that you are no longer allowed to follow one of your interests?

Below is a link to an online petition. Together, we can have a greater voice, and change this unfair policy. Let your voice be heard!

Change The Policy!

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