Contribute to Light Up a Life!

Mike Schratz, Writer

The FHS peer leaders are putting smiles on less fortunate kids’ faces as they raise money for x-mas gifts.

It has become a tradition at Franklin High for students to pull together any loose change and contribute to making children’s holidays that much better.

“[The peer leaders] have lists of what every kid wants” explains junior peer leader Abby Ross, “we do our best to raise the money to get them their desired gifts.”

Last year the group was successful in their efforts throughout November and December.

“We were able to get everyone’s specific presents plus pay for a family’s hotel for a night,” remembers Ross.

“I’ve always thought it was a good program,” stated senior Brian Hertzberg, someone who has seen Light Up a Life four years now, “it feels good knowing the money is going to a good cause.”

Although they are quite productive with gathering large sums of cash, some improvements could possibly be made.

“If they sent out emails reminding parents and kids that would benefit,” claimed Hertzberg. The idea is that kids have too much on their plate to remember to bring extra change everyday.

Any small amount of change donated can affect unfortunate kids Christmas in many ways, so help light up a life!

How many times have you donated to Light Up a Life?


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