A Mid Summer Night’s Dream; Get your tickets!

Mike Schratz, Writer

This December, quality entertainment is available as FHS students are putting on a production of “A Mid Summer Night’s Dream”.

“I’ve never done a Shakespearean play,” stated head of theater department and director of the play Ms.Waters, “I felt like I have the actors that could actually do it.”

“Our version takes place in the swinging 60’s” explained Kevin Phillips, a FHS senior playing the character of Nick Bottom.

The production will be held at the Drama Fest Competition in Woodstock on December 19th and 20th.

Assistance from the Franklin Arts Academy and a lighting designer from Dean College will certainly enhance the experience.

“I’m going to be looking pretty attractive on stage,” claimed Phillips. With the help of the FAA, the costumes should make every actor look stunning.

“We’re going to perform it three times in the school day,” said Waters, “for the seniors in the community and hopefully some middle school kids.”

With all they hype around this year’s theater production, there is no better way to spend 40 minutes than to relax and enjoy “A Mid Summer Night’s Dream”!

What is your favorite Shakespearean play?


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