Country Must be Country Wide

Kaitlin Copponi, Boss

Country music has GOT to be the most loved music in America these days. It has been around for so long and has become more and more loved as time has passed. From Willie Nelson to Billy Rae Cyrus to Tim McGraw, the legends have been being made for years and more years to come.

“I love this music because every song has its own story and each one is unique and beautiful. When you can relate to one you know you aren’t the only one feeling the same way. Country music is just amazing!” Junior Mackenzie Kucks said when I asked her why she loved country music.

The stories relate to love, breakups, births, deaths, parties, family, God, fried chicken and so much more. The stories range all over the place and when you connect to the song you get the feeling as if they are talking about your exact life. Personally when I feel connected to a song it makes me like it that much more and also feel better about my situation knowing I am not alone.

“Country music is the best music because it is the least auto tuned and least manufactured music out there. Pop and hip hop are a couple of genres that are heavily auto tuned and they seem kind of like karaoke,” senior Neal Hart stated his opinion.

Country music is liked by all different types of people, boys and girls, young and old. No matter who you are, you can most likely relate to a country song and that is why the genre is so popular. Their voices are barely edited and the music is as natural as it gets. Rap and hip hop music is about drugs, sex and includes lots of terms that are rude and derogatory. Country does no such thing which is another reason for it being better than everything else.

“I love country music because it puts me in a good mood,” seniorĀ Steph Pisani states about country music.

The catchy guitar tunes along with the chorus’s can get anyone to sing along, plus the stories they tell are just so intriguing. Listening to a whole country song is like listening to a whole story that has a life lesson attached with it.

The country fans are unlike no other. Their fan base is like a family and the artists do not thank them enough. Not only is the fan base like a family, but country music its self is one giant family. All the singers and bands are so close and perform well together. You barely hear about drama between the members of the country family like you do about the rest of the celebrity world.

Country concerts are incredible. Everyone at a country concert is “just looking for a good time,” as Lady A would put it.

Trust me country music is the best, listen to some songs and you too, will join the tractor of country lovers!

How do you feel towards Country music?


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