Makeup Misconceptions

Hannah Daly

If you’re like most American teenage girls, the first thing you do in the morning is take care of your appearance: shower, blow-dry, straighten and curl followed by, a dab of concealer here and a sweep of powder there.

The question is are you doing this for yourself, or the people around you?  Does society make you feel like your bare skin and curly hair aren’t good enough?

“I think that girls wear makeup because they wanna feel better about themselves, but I think they want other people to think that their pretty too.” says Sophia Prince FHS sophomore when asked if makeup is for you or other people.

“I think half the people who actually know [about makeup] are doing it for themselves.” agrees junior Jessica Lambiase  “But a lot of people give into the pressures of society because they feel like they have to look a certain way.”

“I think that there is a huge pressure to wear makeup… I think that a lot of girls have this impression that they are prettier with makeup on…” continues Haven Butler Franklin high junior, “so in that respect it is for themselves but I think its a lot because of other girls wearing makeup. It’s a circle”

So because society builds up this idea that makeup should be worn: natural beauty diminishes. Girls feel pressured to wear makeup because of the idea that is more beautiful.

Underneath the makeup it’s still you. Makeup just enhances how beautiful a person is, so next time you feel self conscious about the way you look naturally, remember it’s only makeup.

In that sense, it’s ONLY makeup, so if you want to rock a red lip, go for it. If you feel more comfortable enhancing your features with a little bronzer, go for it!

In the same way that we feel pressured to wear makeup, we also feel pressured not to. We makeup often is associated with the word “fake”, a little tinted moisturizer isn’t going to hurt anyone!

You should feel comfortable however you choose to look, made up or completely natural.

Do you feel better with makeup on?


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