Right on Pantherbook, Right on

Right on Pantherbook, Right on

Here you can see the majority of helpful links this site can quickly send you too, and check out that front page article. Now, doesn’t that look interesting!?

Kaitlin Copponi, Boss

Signing on to a school computer can take days. Wouldn’t it be cool if opening the Internet took you to a site that could bring you to all the important school associated pages? What if I told you the site also had videos, pictures, and articles on FHS clubs, sports, news and so much more. Would you be interested?

Currently the site our school computers sends people to is the Franklin High School page, which is not any where as useful as Pantherbook. Pantherbook is run by students for students. The class, Digital Journalism (where I come from) and the “Pantherbook Club” work hard daily to provide students with a useful website to use on the regular.

Sports, student life, news, arts & entertainment, editorials and feature articles are posted throughout the site. In each article the writers include links, photos, videos, polls and interviews from FHS students and faculty. Also there is a photo gallery, videos for fun, videos for interviews, and sporadic poles posted. To keep yourself and your family updated on FHS, visit this site as much as possible.

“I think it should be the homepage for all students’ computers. It shows student work as appose to just links to get somewhere. Pantherbook has not only the same links, but also shows articles students have written, music students produce, sports scores, fun polls, announcements,  and news stories all right there. I use Pantherbook more than the regular school website,” says scholarly senior Andrew Cyr.

“It is informative about school events and has important dates and links I need for school,” briefly stated but to the point by senior Sarah Purdon.

“I like the slide shows of pictures, those are very entertaining. The breaking news that flashes by at the top, reminders and tips are a few other aspects I enjoy about the site. Pantherbook is legit reminding me to pay my class dues. When I take the time to read the articles they are interesting,”  says senior Taylor McCue.

What website would you prefer as the opening internet page on school computers?


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