One Word: Haylor.

Michaela Shimkus, Angry Fangirl

Everybody has their pet peeves: tapping,chewing, people not putting the cap back on the toothpaste tube…there are so many things that make people crazy.

To me, theres nothing more irritating than a celebrity publicity stunt…UGH!

For example, the recent celebrity ‘couple’ that had the whole world ( okay,maybe not the whole world) but the entirity of both fan bases) of Miss Taylor Swift and Harry Styles of One Direction in a complete FRENZY!

“I was NOT happy when I found out about Harry and Taylor. I definitely wasn’t a fan of them together” stated Senior  Tara Grady.

Twitter, tumblr, and plenty of other social media sites were bowing up with nasty comments and remarks about the relationship, which was nicknamed ‘Haylor‘.

But why!? It was clearly a publicity stunt so why were all of their fans so freaked out that two the of the most powerful teen celebrities ‘dated’ for less than a month?

We all know, Taylor Swift is known for using her unsuccessful relationships as inspirations for her hit songs. So why not make a song about rumored to be ‘player’ Harry Styles?

Some people believe that they really were in love, but I would bet my life on the fact that this was all for a little bit of publicity.

But how do I know?

Well first, the day these two ‘love birds’ met, Styles and Swift went for a lovely stroll through Central Park with One Directions ‘Stylists’ adorable one year old daughter Lux, who was clearly only used to create a connection between the two ( as they clearly had NO chemistry otherwise).

And not to mention PICTURES, PICTURES , PICTURES. These also were not just your everyday paparazzi, the photographs were taken with very professional cameras and at certain angles to make the two lovebirds appear to be be gazing lovingly into each others’ eyes.

The two popstars only knew each other for 3 weeks, and Harry brought Taylor to England to meet his FAMILY!? ( Unless It’s me that Harry is bringing to England, this is NOT OKAY.  )

Then they went off to Utah for a ski trip, only to leave early to go on a romantic getaway to the Virgin Islands.

This is all happening a little bit fast, isn’t it Harry?

Their tropical vacation was then cut short when Taylor was seen ‘angrily speeding away on a boat after the couple had a heated argument’. ( did I mention that this was documented through photographs as well?)


Although the status of the ‘relationship’ has been quite vague, it is such a sigh of relief to hear about the ‘ Haylor Breakup’.

” I was so happy when I heard they had broken up” agreed Grady, who is one of many fans celebrating the end of the Haylor apocolypse.

How did you feel about Haylor?

Was it real? Or wa it all for publicity?