Why Are You Here?

Abigail Weinberg

The mounting pressure to do well on standardized tests and to get into college often distracts students from the true reason we go to school: to learn.

Our own Franklin High mission statement confirms that we are “responsible and passionate learners,” not expert test-takers. SAT scores are deciding factors in college admissions, but even the chief of the College Board admits that the test has its problems, including the vocabulary section not being relevant to teens’ daily lives. Many high school and college graduates report not even remembering their standardized test scores; they remind us that, despite the importance of succeeding on these assessments, it is far more essential to learn about topics that will help us “contribute to our democratic society and an interdependent world.”

FHS is very flexible with is curriculum, allowing students to take multiple electives during their junior and senior years and even offering the Self Directed Learning Program for students who wish to explore topics that are not covered in any regular classes. The Franklin Arts Academy caters to those who prefer more creative learning environments, and the AP courses encourage rigorous work to gain mastery of specific subjects.

What does this all mean? You should choose courses that you are interested in, that inspire you rather than discourage you, that challenge you rather than bore you. Your classes do not have to relate to your potential career; you’re allowed to take classes just for fun. Certainly, strive to do well on the course’s accompanying standardized tests, but remember that you are not defined by your test scores, and acing them is not necessarily your purpose here: you are here to learn. Make the best of your four years at FHS and learn about something that interests you.

Do you feel that what you learned in high school will be relevant after you graduate?


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