Mr. Light Sheds “Light” on New School

Mr. Light Sheds Light on New School

Abigail Weinberg

Chromebooks for everybody. Wide hallways. Working bathrooms. A wireless network that actually functions. Say hello to Franklin High School 2014.

In a recent interview, Principal Light described the improvements that students, teachers, and administrators will enjoy when the new school opens in September.

According to Mr. Light, the first floor of the new school will be dedicated to electives. The other classrooms will be separated by grade level rather than by subject. “The second floor will be juniors and seniors, because they’re going to be the ones that go up and down stairs the most, because they take more electives, and then the third floor will be freshmen and sophomores,” Light said.

The new school will be larger than the current FHS, but it will actually be quicker to navigate. According to Light, “A┬áminute and thirty seconds is the maximum amount of time to travel … from one corner of the school to another.” He continued, “I would actually like to get it to a point where kids have time to go to the bathroom between classes as opposed to during class. And that’s like a basic need of being a human.”

The improved architecture of the school will be matched with improved technology. Every single classroom will have a wireless hotspot. Light asserted that “ten thousand people can hit [the wireless network] at the same time and it won’t crash.”

The new building will also be completely equipped with new computers. “The only computers we’re taking with us are the CAD computers because we just bought them this year and everyone has said that they are fantastic, there’s absolutely no need to replace them. But other than that every computer will be new,” said Light. “We will be rolling out Chromebooks for every student … every student will get a computer.”

Mr. Light asserted that the new school will be focused on interdisciplinary improvements and that “it needs to be more about kids.”