Future FHS to bring Massive Change

Alycia Felli

As of next year students and faculty will be introduced to a completely new floor plan at the new high school in order to maximize classroom usage. Students will no longer have to travel to separate wings to visit friends and most academic teachers. Instead, all classes will be divided and grouped by grade level.

Most classrooms will be much closer for each grade, minimizing passing time and increasing class time for students. This applies to teachers too, as they will have to move among classrooms to teach in. .

“This will definitely be good for the new kids and next years freshman because they will feel like they know some kids around them” says current freshman Caitlin Marple.

“It’s going to better for students to meet new people and communicate with their peers, but it will create a division between upper and underclassmen making seniority a bigger part of the school” added Alec Hurd.

It is said that freshman and sophomore will reside on the third floor, while junior, senior, and most FAA classes will be situated on the second. The main floor will consist of all electives, and other major rooms such as the media center, the auditorium, and the gymnasium.

As effective as this layout may seem, Kristina Maher (Freshman) disagreed.

“It’s going to be a lot harder to travel around the school, I know their intentions were to make passing time shorter but It might actually take longer in some cases” Maher said.

“It’ll be more confusing. Most people won’t know their way around the whole school as well and it’ll take us longer to get to our electives” agreed underclassmen Molly Priestly.

But, soon-to-be junior Ryan Spelman doesn’t seem as hesitant on the update.

“I think it’s good because the top floor is going to be the hottest and coldest, and I feel like you have to work your way up. It’s still like this school with the wings” shared Spelman.

New building or not- Franklin High is still Franklin High.

For more information and news on next years building, visit the New FHS website.