The Legacy of Peter Willis

The Legacy of Peter Willis

Pete kisses FHS Goodbye

Julia Cowell & Erin Ohnemus, Writers

Beloved Student and Friend, Peter Willis, of Franklin High School had his last day of school on February 7th, leaving students, faculty and staff reminiscing on the many good memories.

Peter Willis graduated Franklin High in 2010, however, stayed a part of the post high school program until his recent 22nd birthday. He was always at the sporting events showing his support and taking phenomenal photographs which he would then edit and post for the community to view.

Pete will move on into the work force continuing his work with Vicario Studios, Meals on Wheels, and at the Franklin YMCA, as well as finding other opportunities.

Many members of the school community reached out to share memories of Pete.

“He always brightened my day when I saw him in the hallways and at lunch. I will never forget how much he is always supporting my team and I in basketball. He has an unforgettable smile” said Senior Jessica Potts.

“He loves sports and the entire school community, he always made an effort to attend school activities. His presence at these events never failed to make people happy, he was sort of like the Mayor of FHS” added Best Buddies coordinator Mrs. Connolly.

“He always was a big part of the school and everyone has always loved him because he is always at all of the games and dances taking photos and just having a good time” added Sophomore Sonia Medonca.

Although we will miss him, we are excited to know he is jumping into a world of opportunity.

View Pete’s collection of photography on his website.