What To Expect From Senior Project

What To Expect From Senior Project

Senior Project class F period

Lindsey Morrissey, writer

Senior project  gives students the opportunity to leave school and enter the work force. Many students wonder if what they learn in school will be useful after high school and, with senior project they get to connect their schooling with the work force.

Senior project entails a 10-15 page research paper, 70 hours of work and a 15 minute presentation on what students have learned. At the beginning of the process students come up with an essential question that they want answered at by the time the project ends.

Senior Project Director, Ms. Yankeeexplains the many benefits of joining senior project.

“There are so many benefits i don’t know which to include. i think that posing a research question to seek the answer to by the end teaches you guys to use hire order of thinking skills…The most obvious benefit is gaining internship like experience where you can see why you have been learning the things you have all these years. I am proud of the fact that students gain connections and are able to a lot of the time go back and do an internship while they are in college and beyond that students often get jobs with those connection,” said Yankee

Rebecca Sinx, a senior from Franklin High school, shares what she is looking forward to once she begins her work outside of the school.

“I am excited to work at a middle school and see if I like being a teacher because if I like it, it will give me an advantage in college and I will know what I want to major in. If I don’t like it I know I will be able to change my major before I even enter college,” said Sinx.

The senior project process begins junior year and it is a great way to begin to think about what you might choose as a career path.

Junior, Brittany Barry, is interested in senior project and her process has already begun.

“I’m doing senior project because I know what I want to go to college for. I think having some experience in that field will be helpful for college,” Barry said.

Senior Project sets you up for what you might see after high school.