Girls Spending Too Much on Banquet Dresses

Kylee Hurley, Writer

With banquet and prom approaching at Franklin High, most girls are scrambling to buy the perfect and overly priced dress.

In some cases money is not an issue when it comes to picking a dress. Most girls who spend over hundreds of dollars on dresses believe that school dances are important and their night should be special.

In my opinion, girls should not be spending hundreds of dollars on a dress that will most likely only be worn one time. Dresses can be found online and in stores for a lot cheaper than most students at Franklin High realize.

Online websites such as Lily Boutique and Lulus carry dresses for under $100 that are just as nice as dresses found in high end stores at the mall.

The average price that a girl will spend on prom dress is $1,139, according to USA Today. As most High School girls would agree, prom is one of the most anticipated event in a girls High School career. It seems more reasonable for girls to be spending this kind of money on prom, but not nearly as much for banquets.

Banquet is not the only High School dance that students will attend, and so I don’t see why girls spend so much on the dress they’ll wear.

One student that I know has spent over $450 on dresses for banquet. Not only has she bought one dress, but three others as well. It is understandable to buy more than one dress because you are unsure of which one you like better, but is buying four dresses for banquet taking it too far?

Some girls argue that buying a more expensive dress gives you better quality. Although in some cases this may be true, buying a cheaper dress from Macy’s or JCpenny isn’t the end of the world. A white eyelet dress can be found for only $34.99 at JCpenny.

Similar styles can be found at stores like Juicy Couture for $268. I would rather spend less money on a dress that I am most likely only going to wear once. By spending less money on dresses for banquet, I will have more to spend on a more important occasion like prom.

Overall I feel that girls should not be spending lots of money on a dress that will most likely only be worn once.