We Can’t Control The Weather!

Alycia Felli, Writer

Living in the Northeast has its perks- beautiful beaches, lush landscapes, and history at every turn.

But, as all the New Englanders know one of the downsides is its unpredictable weather. One day it’s 50 and sunny, the next, below zero with a nor’easter blowing in.

That leaves students to ask, why should they have to make up these unforeseeable severe weather days at the long-awaited end of their school year? Well, they shouldn’t.

Students and teachers should not have to come back to school for extra days at the end of June due to cancelled days caused by snow and other dangerous weather.

What’s the point of attending school in late June after the year should have ended, and everyone just wants to get out of class and enjoy their already short summer vacation?

Now, why exactly shouldn’t we make up these days? Well, by law we have too. And the teachers must have a full 180 days to teach their curriculum- the school board would argue. But, students have summer camps, and staff have family vacations.

What the board isn’t realizing is there is a way to work around this impediment, by utilizing the technology they provide to their schools.

On snow days, what if teachers posted their lessons online to ItsLearning? Students could do the work throughout the day, and pick up where they left off at home the next day in class. Teachers would still be able to give their work to students, and everyone would be allowed to leave school on that set date in June, rather than stick around for another week or so.

Another more complicated solution would be to change the Massachusetts Public School law of a 180-day minimum school year, to the private school one of finishing on a certain date. No ifs, ands, or buts.

For instance, Ursuline Academy in Dedham had as many, if not more snow days than FHS did. Yet they are still finishing on Friday, June 6th, whereas Franklin High gets out two weeks later on Friday the 20th.

So what are we waiting for? The school board needs to be aware that they do have options for ending the school year on time. The town will be saving money, and giving everyone a longer summer vacation.

It’s truly a win- win for everyone. Its time to start using ItsLearning for everyones benefit!