Parking in H Wing; That’s the Ticket!

Which one is a spot?

Which one is a spot?

Zak Borrelli, Writer

With some students receiving parking tickets for parking in H wing recently, there has been confusion on what is considered an “illegal spot” and  necessitates a parking ticket.

No doubt an issue associated with the ticketing is over crowding in the H-wing lot.

“I usually get there (The H-wing lot) early to get a spot, but if I’m late I don’t want to park all the way in the far lot” said FHS senior Kerry Kelley

Many students want to park in the H-wing lot because of its close proximity to the building, however its overcrowding has lead to students receiving parking tickets.

When asked about the parking around FHS, Franklin High School Assistant Principal Mr. Schmidt stated  that there are “Absolutely” enough parking spots for students.

He continued by saying the people who enforce parking at FHS are “The assistant principals, and then then SRO’s (School Resource Officers)” and that they are “working in conjunction with us to help monitor parking and make sure the parking lots are safe and people are able to operate their vehicles without difficulty”

So let’s check the Franklin High School Student Handbook :

“The privilege of students using motor vehicles for transportation to and from school is a cooperative relationship which is permitted as long as it does not become a problem for parents and school officials. Student’s parking privileges are subject to revocation if conduct in school results in suspension when a vehicle is used to facilitate a violation of school rules. Parking privileges will be terminated for a length of time determined by the administration.  In the event that school administration has reasonable cause to believe that a student has committed a violation of the disciplinary policy, or the student has in his/her possession or in his/her vehicle evidence that the student committed a violation of the disciplinary policy, the school administrator may search the vehicle parked on school grounds.

The following regulations must be observed. Failure to do so may result in the loss of this privilege.

a. Each student who drives a motor vehicle to school must register the motor vehicle in the A or B House Office. (Parking Registration Link)

b. Students driving motor vehicles to school must park in the student parking area in lined spaces.

c. Students must obey one-way signs as they exit from the parking lot.

d. Rules of common courtesy and safe driving must be observed at all times when driving on school grounds.

e. All motor vehicles should be locked after arrival in the morning.

f. Motor vehicles are not to be used for any purpose during the school day without administrative authorization.

g. During the school day, students are not to return to the parking area unless authorized to do so by a school administrator.

h. Student motor vehicle registration permits may be obtained from A or B House offices.

Only one permit per person per year.

i. All bicycles should be parked on the bicycle rack at the rear of B House. No bicycles are allowed inside the school building

Note: Any vehicle in the student parking lot without a registration sticker, or any student vehicle parked in any area other than the student parking lot will be towed at the student’s expense unless approved by their Assistant Principal. The privilege of parking in the school parking lot can be revoked for violation of rules other than those pertaining to motor vehicles at the discretion of the administration.”

Other than the Student Handbook, the Franklin High School Website also offers a page specifically on Student Parking Information  which states:

“Students may not park in the circular lot in front of the current FHS building, or around the  perimeter of the current FHS building. Parking violators will be referred to their Assistant Principal.”

as well as,

“Students are strongly encouraged to use the new entrance to student parking lots located half way between the Franklin High School and Horace Mann Middle School main entrances. This will ease traffic congestion.”

(For those unfamiliar with the parking lots this year, the FHS website offers a Parking Map)

Mr. Schmidt went on to clarify that “The school does not issue parking tickets. The School Resource Officers will issue parking tickets, specifically when students are parked illegally, that’s why you’ll often see parking tickets issued specifically in H-lot, when students are either

Parking in spots that are delineated by yellow lines” or “creating spots on the end of some of the interior rows of parking”

because it can make it impossible for other cars to back out.

A ticketed car
A ticketed car

He stated  “Typically we will not ticket students who park in the center lot” although it will be monitored and enforced if need be.

So obviously over crowding in the H-Wing lot is a problem. To avoid getting tickets, students will have to get there early to get a spot, or use the new student lot near the new school, as suggested by the administration.

It seems this is just the beginning of parking lot problems, as the new school will have a temporary shortage of parking.

The only solution is get there early, and don’t box anyone in if you’re running late.


What parking lot do you park in?


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