New Cell Phone Policy: It’s Happening

Alycia Felli, Writer

Rumors have been flying around the school amongst students of a new cell phone policy. This new ‘no phone’ rule is to be put into action starting next school year and is supposedly going to only allow phone-use during the five minute passing time.

“Yes… we are in the process of reviewing the cell phone policy for next year.” Confirms Mr. Schmidt. The rumors are true. But, the new rules may not be as drastic of a change as they appear to be.

“We need to look at how we’re using the cell phones in the purpose they still serve in school.” says Schmidt. Assistant principals have been willing to collaborate with students on this; meeting with a select group of students from student council.

Jeff Wu, one of these students, says at first they (assistant principals) were thinking of allowing phones to be used in class with teacher permission. But as compensation students would not be allowed to use cellular devices during passing time.

Later, an update on the proposal was made.

“We are not banning passing time use, instead [the proposal] is allowing phones to be used in common areas during passing.” corrected Wu. Common areas include hallways, the caf, and the tech center- virtually anywhere that students usually occupy.

Keeping in mind that students will be in the new school next year- all classes will be very close together and grouped by grade level. So, as soon as you walk out of class phones will be permitted!

Currently, phones are used on at least an hourly basis at FHS, even though that is not what the current policy advocates. Almost all students will go on their phones during a study, during free time, and even during class. But, as of next year all students will be required to have a laptop for class, whether it be your own or a Chromebook rented from the school, meaning that there will be little legitimate use for phones.

Keep in mind this article is about the proposal! Updates will be coming soon.