Senior Scholarship Applications Due

Senior Scholarship Applications Due

Who doesn’t want a little extra cash to put towards that tuition cost?


Alycia Felli

Tomorrow, April 15th, all applications for senior scholarships are due in the guidance office. Any student wishing to hand in their application needs to do so by the end of the day- late forms will not be accepted.

Seniors must submit a copy of their acceptance letter to the college they wish to attend, along with their application form completely filled out. If an essay is required, please hand this in with the rest of your forms.

Seniors received their packets a couple weeks ago in their english classes. Scholarships mentioned are all local, and each offer at least $250 to its recipients.

“The packet lists all the scholarships given though the town.” Informs Ms. Stobart, secretary of the Guidance Department.

Their are 14 pages worth of scholarships- many of which include essays.

“They gave us these packets not even a month before they were due. If you’re going to write out quality essays, seniors should have known about these in advance.” says senior Julia Cowell.

“A lot of the scholarships were sports based- which isn’t really fair for the people who didn’t play those sports but were still involved with the school in other ways.” states Cowell.

If you are lucky enough to be granted a scholarship, you will receive an invite to the Awards Reception- which is to be held Thursday, May 29th. Keep in mind that many scholarships are granted in memory of family members, so being there to accept and show your gratitude is very important.

If you are a senior and wish to apply for a local scholarship, make sure to have all of your paperwork into the guidance office by the end of the school day!