1/2 Day Top 5 Lunch Places

Jessica Simms, Writer

Two half days are coming up, so students are wondering where they should go for lunch. With the plaza, tons of restaurants around FHS that are easy to walk to and some close by that could just be a short drive away, and there are lots of options that could make students unsure of which restaurant they would like to go to.

So here are some options that fellow students recommend to go to:

Chipotle: Located in the plaza, Chipotle is a place to go if you would like some good and fast Mexican food.

Panera: Panera is probably the most popular places to go for a 1/2 day or any day. With great food and just about a 10 minute walk away, students love to go there to hang out and have a good lunch with some friends

“I would go to Panera because it’s one of my favorite places to get something quick to eat.” says Freshman, Morgan Soderlund. 

Wendy’s: Wendy’s is probably the closest restaurant to FHS and has a variety of food at a good price for students. If you need a quick bite, Wendy’s is probably one of the places to go.

Froyo World: Although this restaurant is not a place to get a meal, Froyo World is a place where students love to go to get desert or to just hang out more with friends.

 Joe’s American Bar and Grill: Although this restaurant is not just a walk away, it is a great place to not get “fast food” for not an unreasonable price. (recommended by Freshman, Cam Cawley in video above.)

So hopefully this helps some students to choose a great place to go eat on their half day this week and next.