Lights, Camera, OSKEY

Julia Cowell, Writer

Come and see Oskey on May 7th and 8th in the lecture hall at 7pm, tickets are $5 for students and $10 for adults.

The anticipation for this years upcoming Oskey is at an all time high as it is the LAST Oskey to be preformed in the lecture hall before the destruction of the school.

This years theme is construction including dances, costumes, and numerous skits in relevance to the destruction of the old school.

This years hosts are Marissa Palladini, Chris Arnaudo, Griffen Tighe, and Amanda Farnan.

Oskey will include what it is known for, Mr & Mrs. Franklin. Other skits include Awkward Exes, where old couples find themselves paired up in a child development project and Mock Announcements which imitates the announcements with a hilarious twist.

Although Seniors run the show, there is also other skits such as Sophomore Worship which includes other grades.

“Even though it is a senior show, the jokes are relevant to the whole school so I would definitely make an effort to attend” says Junior Erin Harrington

“I’ve never been to Oskey, so I am excited to have my first oskey experience be the last on in the lecture hall” adds Freshman Brie Padula

 Oskey has forever been a tradition at FHS so don’t miss out on a good laugh.