Nailing the Math MCAS

Julia Cowell, Writer

This years glorious Math MCAS will begin on Tuesday, May 13 and continue on Wednesday, May 14.

Sophomores Chloe Ross and Joe Corsi share their tips to success.

“I’ve been doing practice packets that I got from my teacher, so I would definitely    suggest working on some of those, they really helped my sisters in the past.” says Ross

“I’m planning to really focus on the question and not get tricked by wordy open response questions” adds Corsi

Here are 5 tips for taking the Math MCAS

1. Don’t Stress– It’s only MCAS, it isn’t the SATS, you only need to pass them, and not do exceptional on them,  to graduate. However, do keep in the back of your mind that if you do get advanced you can qualify for two different scholarships including the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship and the Koplik Scholarship

2. Eat Breakfast- Teachers will always tell you to make sure you eat, LISTEN. There is nothing more distracting than a growling stomach during a test like the MCAS.

3. Use Process of Elimination- Unlike the SATs you do have to answer all of the questions, so it is better to cross off answers you’re completely positive aren’t the answer before just randomly guessing. If it is possible, plug in all four of the options given to you and put them in the equation.

4. Dress for Success- Wear clothes you will be comfortable sitting in for the duration of the test. Be prepared for any type of weather, so bring a sweatshirt in case it gets colder than expected.

5. Break Apart Word Problems- A lot of the time they make it wordy to trick you, so to get around this circle key facts and numbers that you are sure will be used in order to answer and solve the problem.

Don’t forget! You have to be in school ON TIME or else you have to participate in a make-up exam.

Luckily for this years sophomores, the temperature in the school will be significantly cooler, as usually this time of year it is sweltering hot making MCAS uncomfortable and suffocating.