New School, New Food

New School, New Food

A picture of the new school’s library where the cafe will be located in.

Jessica Simms, Writer

As the school year is coming to an end, underclassmen are getting more excited for the new high school and all of the cool things it is going to bring, especially new food items.

Most of the school has been hearing and have been excited about the cafe in the library with smoothie machines.

The cafe is going to be able to sit a maximum of 20 people and is going to be open for all lunches, but you need to get a “reservation” on itslearning to be able to have lunch there. At the cafe, you can order soup, salads, and sandwiches for lunch.

As everyone has heard, there is also going to be smoothie machines at the cafe. However, because we are getting the new high school, Mr. Light has set rules to be able to keep our school nice and clean.

We are only allowed to have water as a drink in classes, so no smoothies and coffee in classes. Although we have this new rule, we are able to drink non-water drinks in designated food areas, which are the cafeteria and the cafe.

Alura Leet, freshman, shares her opinion on this new rule.

“Smoothie machines will be a nice treat, though it’s understandable why you would have to drink them in some areas.”

In the cafeteria, there is going to be an entrance which has TVs with the menus for what you can buy that day. Inside of the cafeteria, there will be an amazing skylight that will give us some light while we are eating.


During lunch, there will also be tables that kind of look like the tables outside of Starbucks that students to eat at during lunches. Inside of the cafeteria, there will be TVs that will show videos or pictures of school events.

In video above, Joanne a cafeteria worker tells us about what she knows about food in the cafeteria in the new school.

The lunch system will stay the same according to Mr. Light. We will still have the four lunches based off which class you have during lunch period and the lunches will have the same amount of people have right now.

Although the new school will have a lot more rules than what we have right now, it will have lots of cool things, just like the smoothie machines, that will be awesome to have.