Ring the Alarm: Senior Prank 2014

Ring the Alarm: Senior Prank 2014

Alarms set for 10:30 sharp.

Eric Cohen

Eric Cohen

Wednesday marked the day of infamous senior prank at Franklin High School.

It all started on Tuesday when some seniors lined the walkway with red solo cups. Within the sea of red solo cups where blue cups that read 2014.

The shenanigans continued into Wednesday. At the beginning of third period the senior class locked their cellphones in their lockers and set an alarm for 10:30a.m. When the time stuck all the alarms went off with obnoxious noises ranging from quacking ducks, to crickets, to car alarms.

The disruption caused people to flood the hallway and take a look what was going on. Teachers attempted to send the seniors back to class but that didn’t stop them from taking a lap and seeing what they caused.

One senior Doug Buckley gave his input on the prank.

“The sound was underwhelming but the mass of people in the hallway was great…I don’t think administration will mind too much. It was all in good taste.” Doug explained.

Teachers and administration where unable to stop the noises due to it being locked in the lockers. Some students came out and turned theirs off while others let it play out to the end of the period.

The prank was well received and in good fun. Seniors where pleased because it caused enough of a disruption to get noticed but not enough to get them in trouble.

It was even more pleasurable for the seniors because they were able to use it as an opportunity to poke fun at the new cell phone policy. The policy says phones must be kept in their locker during class and not on their person. This was perfect for the seniors because they were abiding by the rules by simply keeping their phones in their lockers and actually locking their locks for once.

Although administration refused to comment on the situation they did not seem to upset with it and knew that is was a good prank with good intentions.

Now its up to the class of 2015 to take over.