A Successful FAA Meet and Greet

A Successful FAA Meet and Greet

Chris Baker, Writer

After one month of demonstrating artistic abilities, Franklin Arts Academy had its annual meet and greet last Wednesday at the school cafeteria. This event featured informative talks from the program director, Ms. Hogan, as well as some words from FAA class representatives.

Parents and students gathered to learn about the program itself, and also to socialize and enjoy refreshments.

One important part of the night was an introduction to the two new advisors, who are Ms. Hoffenberg and Ms. Johnson. The advisory program is brand new, and it is a great addition to the FAA.

Ms. Hogan gave an in-depth presentation, describing exactly how the Franklin Arts Academy works. She discussed some basic aspects of the program, such as critical thinking, research, and team projects.

Also related to academics, the FAA gives students a greater preparedness for college and future careers. Higher GPA’s are a key result that comes along with graduating through the arts academy.

Next, class representatives talked about the amount of work that students are given. These FAA members mentioned how there is definitely more work, but it is more enjoyable.

For example, one junior rep stated that the many projects are always fun, and they help students to boost their grades.

Another key part of the night was the announcements of different fundraisers. FAA students are involved in showcasing, which is when they show off their work at various store locations. Some students play guitar or sing, while others paint or complete different forms of  visual arts.

Overall, the meet and greet was a great night, with plenty of fun and important information learned.